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The 2018 Champions are off to another great start to the season. The Kruks are 6-1, with their only loss coming to the Sierras. The Kruk bats are HOT as they lead the league in batting average. POM Brit Lovsin leads the way on the mound and at the dish.
The Sierras are playing well and looking to defend their AL pennant for the 3rd straight year. The Sierras beat the Kruks in interleague play and lead the league in Home Runs. Wes McDonald is on the mound this year; you better be ready to swing when you step into the box because pitches are flying in fast.
The Ozzies have had a fast start to the season. Sitting at 6-1 with their only loss coming to the Sandbergs. Dugan is once again at the top of the statistical leader board in many categories. The Ozzies have not played the Kruks yet due to rainouts and will continue to beat up on the other lowly NL teams until they meet in August. Fearless leader Dave Wright is on long-term DL, how will they respond to their captain being out?
The Griffey Jrs are sitting at 5-2 and in second place in the AL. They continue to be one of the more underrated teams in Midtown as their consistent play keeps on winning games for them. Alex Doak and Max Sisam lead the way at the plate, will they carry them all the way to the finals?
After starting the year 0-3 the Sandbergs are currently riding a 5-game win streak that includes some impressive wins against the Walkers and Ozzies. Moving Andres Astorga to the mound has sparked the Sandbergs as they look to continue to prove that they are in the same class as the Kruks and Ozzies.
The Walkers are currently on a 3-game winning streak as they sit with a 5-3 record. Polci is having another great year on the mound while Andrew Braun and Kurtis Ropp are both having career seasons at the plate. The Walkers continue to get better can they keep up the winning ways and show they belong with the NL big boys? Will Polci get his tennis match with Griff in? Lots of exciting stuff to play out for the Walkers.
The Gibsons sitting at 4-4 have cooled off a bit after a great start. Uzi is having an MVP type season, hitting .814 with 12 home runs while also being among the pitching leaders. Gaston Bogusz is having a big year hitting .625. Warning to the league - it seems Mark God Damn Giddens has found his home run stroke; the rest of the NL does not want him to get hot as he can put up runs in a hurry and let you know about it.
The Bells have been up and down this year, but currently, have 4 wins and are 3rd place in the AL. Blake Faulds one of the most unheralded players in the league is having another wild season, while the Commissioner, Graeme Billinghurst is scorching hot batting over .700 with 9 HR. They have lost a few recently but the new look Bells are determined to stay in the upper half of the AL.
The Thomases are playing well over the first half of the season. A victim to a few rainouts they are currently at 3-3 with some impressive wins. Russel Skeete is off to another MVP type season hitting an astonishing .867. Only their 3rd year in the league the Thomases continue to get better and can beat anyone on any night. Could be a sleeper team in the AL when the playoffs begin.
The Fielders have won 2 of their last 3 including a big win against the Sierras. They had a very slow start to the season, but they know that everyone makes the playoffs and they are the last team anyone wants to meet in the first round. Sitting at 2-4 right now, Scott Simpson leads the way at the plate and on the mound. Rob Bunting is having a tough year at the plate but having switched to full-time catcher it has been a fun and stimulating season for the umps as he can carry a conversation like no other. Eric Wolfe is starting to find his stroke. The Fielders will be moving up the standings quickly as they plan to contend for a midtown final.
The Eckersleys had a big interleague win to put them back into the win column after a few rough weeks. Consistent attendance has again been an issue for the Ecks but Brendan Fry and Nick Resch lead the way at the plate.
The Younts are sitting at 2-4 and have been a victim of rainouts as well as a forfeit win which has not let them get on the diamond weekly as they are still getting into the swing of the season. Geoff Glen is hitting over .800 and they have won 2 of their last 3. The Younts are confident they are just hitting their stride and will be a scary team come playoffs.
The Loftons are 2-5 and have not had the best year at the plate currently 14th in the league in batting average. First baseman and legend Andrew Pennycook is a recent father! Congrats PK! Maybe little Maxwell Pennycook will be the spark that the Loftons need to start adding wins this season.
The Strawberrys finally won their first midtown game, they have won 2 of their last 4 and hope that the winning flood gates have now opened. They are last in the league in avg, obp and hr but these two wins have given them a new life, this could be the start of something great for the Strawberrys.
The Bondses are off to a rocky start this season. Sitting 1-5 this is not the first half manager Tony Moreau envisioned. They have not played either the Strawberrys or the Guerreros yet, a couple wins against them could turn this season around.
The Guerreros round out the power rankings sitting at 1-6 so far this season. They have lost 4 games by 4 runs or fewer. Their one win came against the Bells and the Guerreros celebrated as they had just won it all. Can their team social and limo ride bring them together to get out of the basement in the NL and add some wins?

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